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    • I want to send a huge Thank you to Tommy and Doris North. Watson North Funeral Home did an amazing job with my sweet grandmother's services. I can't show my appreciation enough for all that yall done.( Doris you better be at the doctor by the way!!) I hope that you all have a Merry Christmas!!! Thank you for being a blessing during this difficult time in my life.
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      April Partin, June 01, 2014

    • Its a beautiful place with very kind and caring people Tommy North and Jennifer are the most wonderful people i have ever met Thank you both for everything you've done for me and my family God Bless you both
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      Frankie Sanchez, June 01, 2015

    • Tommy & Doris were absolutely wonderful to my family in our time of need. Everything was beautifully done and thought was put into every detail.
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      Samantha Barnes Curtis, October 01, 2014

    • These people are wonderful they done a wonderful job on my daddy and the staff was so kind and considerate love them
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      Gina & Wayne Steele, October 01, 2014

    • My baby was born a healthy baby boy on December 1, 2014, On December 17, 2014 I woke up but my baby did not. I called Doris whom I have known for several years but never needed their services like this. I told Doris my baby was sick and I was on my way to the hospital. I ask her to please come with me. She came to the hospital. When I got there they told me that my baby was dead. I was scared, in shock and my world was spinning so fast. I couldn’t believe that my baby boy was dead. I didn’t know why or what happened. I was worried because I had no money being a single parent, I had so many worries about his funeral. I went to the funeral home the next day. When I got to the funeral home Tommy North walked in the room and said I will take care of all of this. I said there is no way I can pay this. Tommy North said pick out what you want. I was so afraid I had never done anything like this before. I told Tommy to pick out his casket that I didn’t know what to do. They walked me through everything. They ask me to sign a “contract” and gave me a price list of services. I knew I couldn’t pay anything, Tommy explained the process to me and when I looked at the bottom line, it said paid in full! That takes a strong man with a good heart to reach out to a hurting momma. They never ask for 1 dollar. I didn’t even have a place to bury my baby and they gave me a burial plot. My baby’s funeral was so beautiful. Tommy picked out the most beautiful little white casket. He dressed my baby boy and Ms. Doris laid him in the casket. I felt that the staff at that funeral home was such a comfort and they are still standing by me to this day. Not only are they professional but they have called me several times since the funeral to check on me. They go above and beyond their call. They have already taken care of the funeral but they still call me and that means more than words can say. They are even helping take up money for his little headstone. So if you are truly looking for an outstanding citizen in Franklin County that represents what love and compassion is all about, if you are looking for someone that stands for honesty and integrity and they do so with a heart of gold, then I know that couple. Tommy and Doris North you will always be a hero in my eyes. Sincerely, Kayla Reynolds
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      Kayla Reynolds, February 16, 2015

    • I would like to thank Watson North funeral home for their kindness and professionalism they showed our family during our time of loss . Thank you Tommy, Doris and Casey . I would highly recommend you to anyone.
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      Tammy Turner Cantrell, January 20, 2015

    • Thank You for all the kindness you have shown us. It was appreciated.
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      JD & Bobbie Spencer, October 27, 2014

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